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What We Do

Strategy Development

What are Shadwell GP’s greatest strengths? Our work in highly regulated and diverse cultural environments. We produce novel, targeted insights and approaches that convey accurate and consistent messages—achieving optimal results. Together, we work with clients to identify and analyze trends, competitive advantages and key audiences to reach their overall business objectives.

Media Relations & Communications Training

How does Shadwell GP make such a big impact? By offering extensive communications training tailored to specific issues, helping clients maximize influence while conveying clear, thoughtful messages. Whether a communications platform is social media, hard news or print, we help create, hone, manage and deliver an organization’s message in the most meaningful way.

Crisis & Issues Management

How has Shadwell achieved its successful track record? By strategically shifting perceptions--even of vilified companies. We understand the importance of moving decisively and rapidly to manage internal and external messages. We develop sound crisis communications plans that limit long-term reputational damage, anticipating and minimizing the impact a crisis can have on the market’s perception of a company.

Litigation Communication

How does Shadwell protect client reputation through legal disputes? By implementing effective media outreach strategies, building strong relationships and training our clients in monitoring and managing media and social platforms. We work with our clients to ensure message preparedness. We understand the importance of a rapid response in the event of potential or pending litigation. We provide editorial and writing support for our clients in addition to establishing competitive intelligence, ensuring a sound understanding of litigious and the business environment in which they operate.

Public Affairs & Advocacy

What is Shadwell’s “secret” to effective advocacy? The ability to facilitate and manage dialogue on key issues often between communities and decision-makers. Our expertise within multiple highly regulated business sectors, from financial, to healthcare, the military, and gaming; assists in maintaining long-standing relationships with influencers at state and federal levels; and the deep understanding of multi-ethnic and multicultural communities have helped clients successfully navigate challenging situations. We know how to harness connections with our clients to achieve their long-term business objectives.

Influencer Communications

How does Shadwell GP bring in the win for its clients? By understanding that developing a strategy is only half the battle. We help our clients execute effective, comprehensive communications plans that reach the right influencers, whether we’re working within multicultural communities or at the regulatory level. Experience has shown us what it takes to shift negative perception that successfully meets our clients’ objectives. 

Corporate Communications

Why is Shadwell GP’s corporate communications approach so effective? Because our experience with highly regulated industries guides us in identifying stakeholders and developing targeted messages to reach them. With more than 30 years of high-profile experience developing strategies with C-Suite executives of Fortune 50 companies, the Shadwell GP team is exceptionally qualified to build your corporate communications strategy and build your company image.

Multicultural & Diversity Communications

How does Shadwell GP set itself apart? With unique insight and award-winning strategies driven by our culturally diverse team—your culturally diverse team. We bring together multiple strategies and perspectives under one roof, allowing us to build bridges between cultures, countries and clients. This helps us create the specialized communications programs that our clients need to reach a wide range of ethnic markets.

Editorial Materials Development

What kind of editorial support does Shadwell GP provide? The Shadwell team has positioned clients for review and publication in the country’s leading media and platforms. We develop effective newsletters and editorials, ghostwrite for business leaders and obtain regular bylines in top industry news outlets.

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