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Our Approach

We believe that effective communication starts with meaningful relationships. At Shadwell GP our clients are our partners. Together, we build relationships with diverse media, legislators and regulators that positively impact our clients, their consumers, and the overall business environment. Our clients’ challenges are our challenges.


Our Name

Our name reflects our belief in and commitment to service. Shadwell Global Partners is named after The USS Shadwell, a ship that has a legacy of service to our country that spans from WWII to present day. Having served in WWII, Vietnam, Korea and now as a research unit for the military, she almost didn’t make it through a 1945 enemy attack in the Philippines that left her flooding and sinking. The crew, which included Shadwell GP co-founder Monique Tapie’s uncle, worked through the night and saved the ship with no lives lost. As a direct result of the efforts of he and his crewmates, USS Shadwell went on to effectively and valiantly serve our country.  We chose the name of Shadwell Global Partners to honor, emulate and embody their commitment to service in our relationship with our clients – our partners.

Our Leadership

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