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Normandy Leadership Program

To develop character driven leaders for those that lead today and for future generations.

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Who We Are

The Normandy Leadership Program (NLP), housed under Shadwell Global Partners, was born out of a need to advance character driven leadership and cross-cultural collaboration in today’s geopolitical climate.  The NLP achieves this goal through values-based, experiential, immersive leadership training and programs, for students, executives, and policymakers. The NLP program advances and advocates for character-driven leadership through:

  • EDUCATION: The NLP curriculum is based on the tenets of character-driven leadership, which include an examination of values, ethics and leadership required to conduct the Invasion of Normandy, when leaders from diverse backgrounds, countries and cultures came together to accomplish the mission.

  • TRAINING: The NLP creates a common shared experience that bonds people and teams together, with training that is tailored to the leadership priorities of the NLP program participants. NLP incorporates lessons from first person accounts that illuminate how men and women of diverse backgrounds perceived and responded to their leadership challenges and how they apply to issues companies face today.

  • EXPERIENCE: Through insightful analysis of the key issues that participants identify in advance, the onsite leadership experience synthesizes theory, education and training, transforming it into applied expertise. The NLP training locations include the choice of Normandy, Washington D.C., or Bedford Virginia. Participants develop personal leadership action plans to execute post program.

  • APPLICATION: The NLP program integrates and activates the onsite component of the training.  Participants review their individual and/or organizational leadership goals and objectives, incorporating key lessons from all phases of the NLP applied leadership experience.  Each cohort then becomes part of the NLP alumni network, connected to all alumni via forums that allow for peer mentorship and ongoing NLP feedback.

The intent of the Normandy Leadership Program is to deliver on the promise of developing character-driven leaders. This is accomplished by bringing together current and emerging leaders, with accomplished practitioners, through education, immersive training experiences rooted in principles that produces new generations of leaders.

Who We Are
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Provided: Fondation de la Resistance

How It Works

The NLP program addresses these key objectives:

  • INTEGRITY: The essence of leadership is trust. That trust is earned through leaders who demonstrate an adherence to values and ethical behavior.

  • COLLABORATION: To strengthen cultural understandings and create bonds, whether through business, policy or education.

  • UNITY: Today’s leaders work with the challenges of a generational divide, a socio-economic opportunity gap, and geopolitical divisions of culture.

  • COMPETENCY: Today’s leaders understand how to bridge these gaps through leadership, domain expertise, emotional intelligence and cultural competencies.

  • INCLUSION: Leadership is driven by values and ethics forged in action. Complex solutions are created through shared experiences, applied opportunities and in building diverse teams.

Corporate Leadership Training

Student Leadership Training

How It Works

Our Accomplished Practitioners

The Normandy Leadership Program (NLP) brings together a global team of proven leadership instructors from both the public and private sectors. Our global team has an extensive track record of success in developing leaders around the world, including corporate executives, students, military personnel, and policymakers.

Our leadership includes:

  • Lieutenant General Benjamin Freakley U.S. Army, Retired

  • Lieutenant General Olivier Tramond French Armed Forces, Retired

  • Colonel John Fenzel U.S. Army, Retired

  • Captain Joseph Ivanov, U.S. Army, Retired

  • Ms. Monique Tapie Co-Founder Shadwell GP

  • Mr. Gary Koops, Co-Founder Shadwell GP 


(To be confirmed: Ambassador Mike Polt, Joseph Rozek, Former U.S. Navy Secretary Kenneth Bradwaith)

Our Accomplished Practtioners
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About the NLP Program

The core curriculum of the NLP Program examines the 1944 Allied Invasion of Normandy as the basis for the cross-cultural leadership competency training needed to address today’s business, economic, and social challenges.  The global rise of geopolitical and cultural divisions has brought us to an inflection point that shares parallels with this era of history. To understand those parallels, it is critical that we examine the lessons of this extraordinary time in our shared histories.  NLP utilizes the historical events to demonstrate how people from diverse cultures and communities can come together to overcome challenges to achieve overall objectives – Lessons are applied to today and tomorrow.

The NLP experiential leadership trainings consist of two program components designed to prepare current and/or emerging leaders for the future of multinational business and cooperation.  This unique, multi-phase program trainings take place in France.

Abot the NLP Porgram

Global Partners

NewDay USA
Ford Foundation
Sainte Marie du Mont
Fondation de la Resistance
U.S. Special Forces Association
American Legion
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