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Rico Suavé Gelfo, Chief Canine Executive Officer, CCEO

Having spent nearly a decade with Shadwell leadership at Triomphant and its parent Gravity, Rico chose to follow and resume his position alongside them as Chief Canine Executive Officer. At now 10 years old, Rico brings with him great experience in human manipulation, exercise and efficiency in cleanliness of work areas.

While in the office Rico ensures that no team member leaves papers, shoes or other objects on the floor. When paper is found his keen sense and love of parades drives him to shred paper in case of the urgent need for ticker tape.

Rico continues to believe in “Sound Mind Sound Body” and leads a throw the ball during the morning and afternoon stretches – driving the team to get up out of their seats and exercise while entertaining him at all costs. In addition to this, Rico places a great focus on his noontime BowWow program. Led by Rico the BowWow program allows for team building exercises where the Group provides Rico with treats and shared lunchtime snacks.

Rico’s leadership has proven to be an invaluable asset to all that know him. Rico is a graduate of I Am Spoiled University and is fluent in bark and paw language, which most of the team is now learning and understanding.

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