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U.S. Army


Recruiting local, native translators in countries around the world is central to the United States Army’s mission. Our challenge: to shift perceptions of the Army in some of the most doubtful communities living in the U.S. today—the Afghan-, Iranian-, and Pakistani-Pashtun American communities. In order to convince people from these war-torn countries to work with the military, we had to establish commonalities and develop community ties.


How did Shadwell leadership achieve—and even exceed—our objective of building a relationship between the army and communities within 18 months?

  • We established key influencer relationships at a grassroots level to build community.

  • We organized persuasive interviews—media roundtable sessions with army personnel and influencers to discuss common goals and address misconceptions, and to highlight the military’s human side.

  • Our efforts lead to third-party credibility and a number of relationships between the Army and key community influencers.


Shadwell leadership worked with the United States for nearly a decade, guiding grassroots communications strategies within the hardest to reach multicultural communities.

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