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Futures Inc.


In just 18 months, Futures Inc. created the Heroes to Hire (H2H) program, helping more than 250,000 military personnel and their families transition into civilian life and begin careers.

Challenges such as political infighting damaged the company’s reputation, leading to the program’s shutdown. They needed to regain ownership of their success and rebuild their image before key decision makers and federal agencies.

We helped Futures Inc. recover by assisting them in sharing the truth. We set out to ensure the right people understood Futures Inc.’s position in order to enact change-- and ultimately help our incredible men and women who serve in the military.


We leveraged our know-how and industry relationships to spread the truth through influencer communications. By demonstrating that truth, data and results were on our side, we were able to help Futures’ Inc. prove that behind-the-scenes wrongdoing was the cause of their earlier troubles. We continue to build the relationships and coalitions for Futures.

  • Numerous states and agencies now seek assistance directly from Futures for help with transitioning military and veteran employment issues.

  • With accurate press coverage from media outlets, such as the Project on Government Oversight, the truth has been brought to light. We continue to foster awareness of their workforce solutions that assist our men and women who serve to establish themselves in careers.

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